riparian rap

Frog sounds are happy sounds.

After years of woeful ignorance about those sounds coming from trees at night I ordered this little book/CD.

I challenge you to get one for yourself, listen to the CD, and not forget about the sorry state of our politics, economy, etc. What great sounds. Some take me right back to the southern Arkansas swamps of my childhood.

If your bank’s still solvent, it’s only eighteen bucks at Amazon. I like this one, too, because the human narration between frog sounds is well done and unobtrusive and the recording quality is very good.

NWF has a listing of other frog sound here.

Which reminds me–this little guy came in on a big planter Kate moved into the house, and hung in our living room for a couple of months. He’d climb onto a nearby lamp and get the bugs small enough to get through the window screens. We decided he was getting skinny on that diet and put him outside.