riparian rap

A fun sarcastic Carbondale Saturday.

A gray, drizzly day in Carbondale. Here’s Kate with with Elaine, manager of the Long Branch.

Which we’re now calling the “Wrong Branch” because we had fun being viscous, mean jokers today.

We had so much fun I forgot to take pictures.

We needed a few kitchen things and stuff for work, I swear, it’s all on sale, so we shopped and had a great time making fun of the stores and the junk in them.

Our best overheard line, at Kohl’s, was “I could shop anywhere.” Spoken proudly as in “Give me $5 in the most rundown strip mall in southeastern Oklahoma and I’ll have a good time spending it.”

And we mocked the woman in Carbondale’s Kaleidescope (which we highly recommend) roaming the store with her cell phone loudly describing items for some remote gift buyer. “OK, IT’S THIS BLUE CERAMIC THING AND…”

And if you want to see maximum Chinese product-American consumer interaction, it’s hard to beat Hobby Lobby.

Where we bought the white and green lights we hung in the windows of 514 East Main while listening to very loud pagan funk music. Fun.