riparian rap

Fun with cardboard (and geomorphology).

We’re a little loopy at LRRD now, from both overwork and excitement.

Today we moved the Em4 model we hauled to GSA-Denver off a truck and into our lab.

The rules of hydraulic similitude dictated a 4-meter length for the Em4.  It’s about the size of a car and a challenge to move.  Thanks to the SIUC AFS students who helped.

And today we began full scale shipment of our redesigned Emriver Em2, both to North American and overseas teachers and scientists.

Here Lily strikes what she described as a “serious pose” with a ready-to-ship UPS-able Em2, and I have some fun with cardboard by way of thanking Lily and everybody else around me for so much support and probably a lot of tolerance.

I’m taking tomorrow morning off.