riparian rap

Geomorphically Incorrect Art #2

I want this series to be useful for educators, and this one isn’t the best for that.

But I like this work a lot.  Plus it has a flying unicorn in it.  As always here, click on the image for a larger version.

This comes from the login page for Vimeo, a wonderful site that, unlike YouTube, doesn’t allow commercial use, and is full of high quality (both in resolution and content) stuff.

Like this video of Beth Pratt-Sitaula (a collaborator of ours) talking about Nepal and other cool things, like how she gained a spouse working there!

This is a very cool composition, with a wonderful sense of great void below and beyond a happy green scene.  The road leading off a cliff tells us the artist means to be not only geomorphically incorrect.  Maybe a fourth wall thing?

We do see a meandering river and a beach just upstream of a waterfall.  Possible? The hydraulic transition over the waterfall is not very good (too sharp).  But notice how the road is straight and the stream picks up sinuosity before they plunge off the Columbusian edge of the earth!