riparian rap

Gift shopping in Carbondale and pro-Bush hooligans.

Kate and I went to the alternative gift fair at SIUC today and bought gifts for our loved ones. We bought beautiful things from the people who made them.

Aside from our other artist friends, we found Karen Linduska, who does some of the most beautiful art I’ve ever seen–she starts with pure white cotton and paints, dyes and sews in a very complex process. Her website’s not up yet, but it will be

And Bill Davis, another local who uses layering and color photocopies (no computer) and transparencies to make very complex pieces. The four-framed image reminds me of mathematical chaos, which rules a lot of the river processes I study.

On the drive home my bumper sticker provoked a couple of drunken undergrads to harass us with yelling, bird flipping and finally pulling in front of us and braking. “We love Bush,” they yelled. Not enough to enlist, apparently.