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Groundwater System Overview Video

Our groundwater overview video is an introduction to controller features and modeling possibilities. The video features the Emriver Groundwater System in an Em3 stream table with Color-Coded-By-Size Memphis Modeling Media and a K500 Digital Flow Controller.
The groundwater system allows for injection and extraction of subsurface flow from the stream table, making possible a wide array of experiments and demonstrations. A small pump supplies a spray bar at the upstream end of the table to produce groundwater flow. Extraction filters are installed at the downstream end of the table. The extraction filters connect to tubes that empty into the reservoir. The extraction tubes have valves allowing the user to increase, decrease, or turn off groundwater extraction.
Watch the video below to see setup of the groundwater system controller and multiple experiment ideas.
The Groundwater System is compatible with the Emriver Em3 and Em4 stream tables.
With the Groundwater System, you can:
  • Create groundwater-fed springs, headwaters, and lakes
  • Study tributary dynamics and multi-channel systems
  • Study headwater stream migration
  • Observe flooding lake overflow
See stills from the overview video in the photo gallery below. The image names note where they take place in the video.
See a real-world comparison related this video:
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