riparian rap

GSA in Portland Thursday

Wow, what to say about GSA this year? It was a great meeting for LRRD, we made many new friends and people flocked to our booth and praised the Emriver Em2 there. This makes the hard work of running a business worth it, and reminds me why we do it.

Janine Castro stopped by for a long talk–she’s a main organizer of River Restoration Northwest. Last year we donated an Em2 for use in that workshop, at Portland State University, and by other users, and borrowed it back for the meeting.

There’s so much interest in our models, but we hear the economic reality again and again: “I’d love to have one. Maybe by next year.” Budgets are in bad shape.

Kate (my wife), Cara, and I worked very hard on this meeting, with support from the rest of LRRD, and it was quite a success.

On Monday night we had quite a meeting of geobloggers, very well documented by Callan at the NOVA Geoblog. Many thanks to him. It was wonderful to meet Callan (who’s a new Emriver owner), BrianR, who’s helped me with contacts in the geology research community, and others in person. A super interesting group. The photo above features Jim, Anne, and Kim (L-R). I can’t identify the others. Callan has a great photo up. He has a lot of energy! Anne co-writes the ScienceBlogs geoblog Highly Allochthonous.

Kate and I are having a great time in Portland taking a couple of days off, our first in a long time. We’ve had a blast just walking around the City, and of course visiting Powell’s. We’re both serious bookworms. Kate spotted a book on geomorphic techniques that included a whole chapter on scale modeling; a nice addition for my current research. Tomorrow we head up the Columbia River Gorge, which I’ve never seen, to Hood River.