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GSA in Portland

I leave tomorrow for Portland and GSA. BrianR at Clastic Detritus has a thorough set of links, including info on a geobloggers get together Monday night.

We’ll have a booth there with an Emriver Em2. We’re all pretty psyched–we expect to see a lot of collaborators and friends we’ve made in the last couple of years.

I’m giving a talk about use of thermoset plastic media on Sunday morning at 11 in the Geoscience Education session. We were dinged a bit in an NSF proposal, and I paraphrase, “if this plastic media’s been around for a decade, how come it’s not more widely used?” Perhaps because nobody’s ever given a talk at a major geoscience conference on it, so here goes.

I hope to have a little fun using Godzilla movie footage to talk about hydraulic similitude and how we scale moving water and sediment down. If you’re there, you’ll be able to bore your friends with a description of Reynolds number and how it explains why Godzilla’s water-based battles look especially fake.