riparian rap

Happy Valentine’s, Kate (and some geomorphology).

Ten years ago today, Kate and I took our first float trip together on the Current River in the Missouri Ozarks. The Valentine’s Day thing was coincidental – we jumped on a good weather window. But we were on the verge of getting serious, and this trip catalyzed that, certain words were said, and we were a hopeless couple afterwards. We were married not much more than a year later. Aside from the day we met this is probably our most significant anniversary. And on my favorite river.

Here’s Kate at one of our campsites, the bluff at center left on the topo, about 7 miles north of Eminence.

And there’s geomorphology, too: Look at that map. I’m waiting for someone to explain this region, I’m not worthy. Clearly lots of structural control aligned with jointing of the carbonate rock. And who knows what was happening when this was 100 miles south of the glacial front in the Illinoisan, or being pounded by winter storms (and at the end getting a thin blanket of loess) at the end of the Pleistocene. It’s a fascinating story that has hardly been scratched.

Speaking of ice, here’s a final photo of Kate bumping her kayak against some in Lake Superior not long before I met her. One of my favorite photos–she’s clearly right at home.