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How to give a good presentation.

I’ve just finished reading Callan Bentley’s post on how to give a good talk, along with many good comments at his new venue,  Mountain Beltway.

Go there and read it!  Here are a few slides to support the comments I left.  I’m a believer in Edward Tufte’s design paradigms; you’ll see them in my talks and movies.

Examples in my movies here–especially the
Grand River meandering sequence.

At left, some examples from my GSA talk last year:  Top, very simple graphics with Tuftian colors and the real thing compared with a schematic.

Next, more Tuftian colors and judicious use of “ink,” though now I see the text at the top might be eliminated (clearly it’s a time series). These are frames from one of my videos–I put a lot of work into the colors we used for the river model media (and adjusted them in editing).   And I like the design here.

Lastly, an image from the first Godzilla movie (more here)–I used this to illustrate how gravity figures into physical model scaling.  Aside from the humor, I like the transparent black and white boxes and white text.  Unless you’re doing a TV commercial for cheap furniture, you don’t need to grab attention with color–use colors that please the eye and don’t distract.

Looking at these again I can see several things I’d do to improve them.