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Ike cost might be $27 billion.

Jeff Masters is reporting that the cost for Ike could be $27 billion. As its remnants passed through the Midwest today, parts of Missouri got seven inches of rain, and many gages are above flood stage.

The USGS has a neat Google Maps based summary of flooding along the Gulf Coast.

In Carbondale we only got around a half inch, but vicious winds knocked out power and took trees and limbs down all over town. This one fell in the old graveyard just across from LRRD. I went in to finish some fabrication, but got only a few minutes of power. Jesse might be happy to learn that the brooms worked fine without electricity.

The NY Times, as usual, has good hurricane coverage. Some salient editorials over there as well. I’m hoping our woeful lack of readiness for disasters like this, along with the possible climate change implications, might actually move our political discussions off such important things as who called who a pig. But probably not.