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Jesse builds Emrivers; our new support group.

Jesse has labored in the shop for a couple of weeks now making Emriver parts. Here he works on valve plates. A few of the Emriver’s parts are made by outside contractors, but we make most of the non-metallic parts.

The Emriver has around 300 parts that come from several suppliers. It’s quite a job keeping all of them in stock. We continuously poll Emriver users to look for improvements we might make, but after a few years of heavy use, it’s clear the Emriver has a solid design that will be hard to improve.

Reliability couldn’t be better. A lot of work went in to making the system robust and trouble-free, and we very rarely get calls for replacement parts, and I don’t believe we’ve ever had a significant complaint.

We’ve set up a new Emriver support group on Google Groups at where users can make suggestions, get use and support tips, and ask questions of us and other Emriver users.