riparian rap

July 16, 2014 at Little River.

We’ve been too busy to blog.  Why?  Growing, busy, crazy.

A snapshot:  Beth Fisher’s joined us in a planning/management role, Anna’s her old self, Meriam remains our amazing business director; Keisha Lurhsen’s working in the shop and office; Radia (Meriam’s daughter) is a summer intern, Akiyo Matsumoto (松本 明代) is our Japanese laison.  My wife Kate’s co-owner.  Jim Nation runs the shop, Cameron Lenzini is an undergrad intern; Wahid Rahman is a post-doc collaborator leaving for a new job next week, and Awoke Teshager  is an ABD engineer from SIU who will work with us on the Emflume.

Here we include our contractors John Cotter (left, a man who’s certified to work on jet engines) and Bill Bauman.  No sentence, no book, could do justice to Bill and the things he’s done in his life, and for Little River, so he’s just Bill for now.