riparian rap

Kate and Steve in St. Louis.

After Friday night’s big party at the City Museum (here a photo of the incredible architechtural exhibits), Kate and I enjoyed downtown St. Louis. Kate got her doctorate in pharmacy at the St. Louis College of Pharmacy, and she and I lived there together for a couple of years when I was doing a lot of urban stream work there.

We haven’t been back much. We’re not city people, but this was a great homecoming.

We left our car way out in Illinois and rode the Metrolink in to our hotel on Friday. Saturday morning we walked around downtown and then took the train to the Galleria to see how the other half lives.

We bought some stuff, and marveled at the changes in St. Louis, and what upscale malls are like now. We were shocked to see the sexuality on display, and how it’s marketed to kids.

We loved riding the train. Its route has been greatly enlarged since we moved away in 2001. We were lucky to catch a talk by a Metrolink engineer, given for some cub scouts, on this great mass transit system, and loved moving around our old haunts without all the hassle and hostility of driving a car.

Here are some photos of a cool river motif cast into the walls of a tunnel entrance. And of Kate with a toothpick at one of the Illinois stops.