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Ohio Stormwater Conference 2010 report.

Last week Lily and I took an Emriver Em2 to the Ohio Stormwater Conference. It was a great meeting. We met a lot of agency folks and regional stormwater workers who have outreach missions. Anybody doing outreach immediately sees how our models attract people and catalyze information exchange.

Lily did a superb job at her first conference, had a good time I think, and we didn’t drive each other batty during our roughly 24 hours in the Subaru together! She’s a great companion and always entertaining, as you can see in this video.

The nice guys at M Tech make state of the art rovers that do video and laser profiling of underground pipes. We talked Chris Cira into demonstrating a rover in our Em2 model; he neutralized a couple of salmon poachers, along with their cabin.

And here are a couple of cool entrepreneurs, Mitzi Bender and Karen Bell, who’re on a second career designing and selling some well designed rain barrels. These units have planters in the top, and they’re working on a version that has a small greenhouse. You can find them here.