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LE Sauer Machine visits, and a model goes to Austria

Steve and Warren discuss a prototype

Warren Sauer of LE Sauer Machine, a long-time Little River collaborator, came by our shop Friday with two of his fabricators, Pak Chittakhone, who builds the supports for our Em2 and Em3 models, and Tim Skornia, who welds our boxes.  John Medwedeff, Warren’s friend and a sculpture artist based in Muphysboro, Ill., also joined us.

We started working with Warren in 2005 when he built our eighth Em2 box.  And aside from his company’s important work as our supplier all these years, they’ve helped us design at least one component of every model we sell.

We’ve always been impressed by Warren and his staff and the work they do.  Aside from the job shop at LE Sauer Machine, he oversees art projects at St. Louis Fabrication Arts, and helps his wife manufacture garden art at Trellis Art Designs.

Sauer Machine was founded in 1926 by Warren’s grandfather.  Now Warren’s son has been working with the company, making him the fourth generation Sauer at the business.

We were all happy to meet Warren and his staff.  Warren has been a wonderful business partner, and we’re lucky to have found him.

We also shipped a model Friday bound for our first international conference — the European Geosciences Union 2013 General Assembly in Vienna.  After the conference, the model will go to the University of Szeged in Hungary.


Steve shows Pak, John, Warren and Tim the Em2 in action


The team celebrates an Em2 bound for a conference in Austria, then a university in Hungary