riparian rap

Leaving the nest.

On Friday, Jesse reminded me of George C. Scott in Patton.

Barking orders to me and a helper from TREA, he managed to get four Emriver models and our first Em4 ready for delivery to Minnesota. I tried not to get in his way. Especially when he rolled three 250 pound drums off our pickup truck with a creative slide-and-drop-without-damage move.

OK, he wasn’t barking orders, but deftly manipulating us. It was clear we should do what he said.

I spent hours this beautiful, sunny weekend getting an urban geomorph assessment done, an important one. When you dig deeply into a reach of river and have good data, sometimes cool things emerge, and my Sunday morning in the dungeon was fruitful.

For a while I’ve been watching these two mourning dove chicks who’ve hatched in the shed where I park my truck. Like our Emriver models, leaving the nest soon.