riparian rap

A light at the end of the proposal tunnel.

Blog posts are sparse because I’ve been chained to the computer, working on our NSF proposal for resubmittal, for days now.

Just a few more to go. One more lost weekend.

Here’s a Wordle cloud. I don’t suppose there’s an evil genius out there who could reconstruct the whole thing with this. That’s the kind of crazy thought you have after nine straight hours of writing.

Do you suppose it’s about teaching river science to undergraduate students? Good!

Actually I wouldn’t wish reconstructing this proposal on the evilest of geniuses because that’s what we’ve done, and it’s torture. I told a friend that it’s like building a house, then being forced to tear it all down and rebuild it with minor changes. Not the best analogy, because this one is much better, but it still feels like that.

And since we are, theoretically, a for-profit entity, all this writing time is being paid for by LRRD, so there’s a hell of a lot at stake. If we fail, it won’t just be a disappointing stumbling block on the road to tenure. It’ll be a huge investment of real money gone.

All good though, it’s a super worthy effort by very capable and sincere people, and I’m very lucky to be part of it.