riparian rap

Lightning strikes us at AGU.


The Fall AGU Meeting in San Francisco is amazing. Twenty thousand students and scientists from all over the world.

We’ve wanted to be here for years, but it’s so expensive. About $15,000 for a booth, with all expenses accounted for.

We’re finally here after months of planning and study, of logistics, travel, hotels, shipping. We arrived a day early, accounting for any possible problem, delayed flights, illness, whatever.

But our shipper (YRC) lost half our stuff; including all our plastic media.

A bad, rare thing, a lightning strike at the worst time.

We hope it’ll be found and delivered tomorrow. We’re working on other plans, but there aren’t many options when you’re thousands of miles from home.

Photos are Lily and Anne Hayden, an SIUC grad student whose travel we funded in exchange for a little help.

And Callan Bentley goofing with Lily at the AGU Social Media Soiree tonight.