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LRRD at the Houston GSA meeting

After much work and planning Jesse and I are in Houston, ready to display the Emriver and our other products and talents at the annual Geological Society of America conference. This one is being held jointly with several other groups, including the Soil Science Society of America.

From the GSA website:

The Joint Session Categories encompass the 10 broad, societally relevant and multidisciplinary themes declared by The International Year of Planet Earth (health, climate, groundwater, ocean, soils, deep Earth, megacities, hazards, resources, and life).

Jesse did a great job getting our stuff packed and driving it down in the Subaru (I flew). Here you can see his special off road Emriver model designed to get us into the convention hall. It worked nicely, and we managed to get everything unloaded a day ahead of schedule.

A security guard told us nearly 10,000 people were registered. We’re in the Hilton here, quite swank. And speaking of high-toned, the booth next to ours is rented by the New York Times. Maybe their science people will be there. Hmmmmm.

Tomorrow we set things up and scrounge 27 gallons of water without paying the convention people a fortune for it. Very exciting.