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LRRD River Video Internationale

We posted our offer of “at cost” DVD’s on the geomorph-l listserve last week, and have been overwhelmed with orders. We’re sending these out for our cost of $15 each because we’re nice people and all the content (all produced by us) is in the public domain. You can get one here.

To our surprise, about half our orders have been from outside the U.S.

I had no idea the list was so widely read elsewhere. We’ve heard from Germany, Italy, the UK, France, Australia, Iran, Canada, Israel, Argentina, South Africa, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.

I had a couple of moments of horror, first when I wondered if I’d properly burned the master DVD to be played in all regions. Most commercial movie DVDs can only be played in certain regions or countries. But I think we’re OK there. Second, we thought for a moment we’d have to spend nearly $20 each to ship outside the U.S., but that turned out to be a false alarm.

The full disk view of earth is an enhanced GEOS 8 image from NOAA. Click for a larger version you can download. And I’ll close with a photo of Kate I took last week south of Carbondale.