riparian rap

LRRD’s first SIUC class.

Matt Whiles’ stream ecology class came to LRRD for a lab today.

This is the first time in my 20+ years of using these models that the class came to the Emriver and I didn’t have to lug it to them. Murphy’s law was in full effect, though, and a few minutes into the demo our power failed (crazy weather here) and our wetlab was very dark.

We got flashlights and rolled the model up to the front windows, and, after putting the Emriver on 12-volt power, we were working again in natural light. Thirty seconds after the pump started, our lights came back on. We all had a big laugh.

And that’s why these photos show us in the shop near the windows and not back in the wetlab.

Some nice photos of our space. Thanks, Jesse. Matt’s class was full of very interesting students, I’m sure the photos show that.