riparian rap

Mad science at LRRD.

So much LRRD news to report, but I’ve been too busy to blog.

Some interesting work from this week: We’re designing a small 2D flume. Here’s a Google SketchUp excerpt.

And a photo of Jesse making inserts for the Emriver Em2 to simulate hydraulic structures.

I worked late last night on the motor/electronics for the flume, and needing a power resistor, tried a pencil, shortening it to get the value I needed. It worked wonderfully until it caught fire. Some of you will appreciate how proud I was to solve an electrical design problem with a simple pencil and start a lab fire in the process.

Jesse made some nice aluminum propellers for the system–they look just like the drawing.

We’re hoping to finish the prototype flume in time to take a working version to the American Fisheries Society national meeting in Nashville next week.

Last photo is the pencil stub that gave its life for research, at about 15 amps.