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A magic day. Our house and family history.

Kate and I had a magic day.

We had a rare couple of days off together, and began to rearrange and clean some parts of the house. That grew into serious karmic purging of stuff.

And doing things we super-busy people rarely do, like looking at family photos.

Kate started off with “let’s just do this one shelf,” Ha! We ended up going through tons of things and fixing a lot of clutter and junk accumulation.

Kate found a whetstone, and that turned into a knife sharpening, and lessons on that from me. I bled a bit after my demonstration.

And I ran across a Gough family history written by a great aunt.

There has been a lot of trouble and disconnection in my immediate family, but my wonderful great aunt Sister Fides (Catholics on my Dad’s side–the family reverted to Baptists when my Grandad died, very young, in 1939) did a genealogy/history in the early 1980’s. Here’s an excerpt, from a shooting in Memphis in the early 1940’s.

Click on the image for a readable version.

It all turned out well! The eight year old shooter went on to be a WWII bomber navigator war hero, and the little girl lived a full life with no apparent effects from the bullet in her head (still going strong in Tupelo, Mississipi in 1983, forty years later, as Ruth Crook).

And I found my first cell phone, from around 1996. When Kate and I met ten years ago we both carried these big grey Motorolas.

And here’s a photo of my brother Greg and me from 1963, in Hope, Arkansas.

And a photo of my Dad, from about 1960.