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Massive geoscience teaching linkage at SERC.

In the course of web research today Cara and I found an amazing resouce: Funded mostly by NSF it appears, this project organized workshops on teaching geoscience a few years ago.

One result is a huge resource-rich website hosted by the Science Education Resource Center (SERC) at Carleton College.

See an overview of the project here. The page on teaching geoscience with simulations and models is here. This page links to dozens of visualizations and collections of visualizations–note there are several pages of links!

Here’s the page on river systems and forms anda page on using physical models to teach sedimentary geology that features the Jurassic Tank (featured in the photo) at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory. There’s also a page on the XES Basin (modified Jurassic Tank from what I can tell), along with a giant 0.8GB movie.