riparian rap

Matt Kuchta rocks our coded media.

I won’t say much here, because your time’s better spent on a visit to Matt Kuchta’s blog, Research at a Snail’s Pace.  There, among many interesting things from this amazing teacher of science,  you’ll see lots of new and interesting analysis of our coded media.

Matt, at the University of Wisconsin – Stout, has also started a Google+ group where his posts on our models are nicely summarized.

Kuchta has one of our Em2 models, and recently got 150 pounds of our color-coded media to go with it.  He’s jumped into the stuff with a scientific enthusiasm that makes every bit of the four years I spent developing it worth the work!

The figure here is a  “Tuftonian” masterpiece of science illustration.  It shows size frequency for the four colors in our media, mean sizes in two ways, and the overlap between them.  Matt and his students did this work in his undergraduate soils lab sessions.

Thanks from all of us at LRRD, Matt — these models are a labor of love for us.  Seeing them pushed to their limits makes us very happy.