riparian rap

Media research, flood chasing in St. Louis.

Cara continued her work on our new color-sorted Em4 media, and we have a mix we like. We noticed it has the same hues as the spotty banana on the bench–yellow, light brown, dark brown. It looks nice, and we can’t wait to mix up a couple of hundred pounds to try in a model.

Jesse did more great work on the Em4’s electrical system, it’s looking good, and I think we have all the parts and have figured out where they go, which is a major milestone.

I’m planning to get up very early tomorrow and drive to St. Louis. The creek we’re working on there hit 700cfs today, and good sub-bankful flood, and NOAA’s predicting over two inches of rain there by tomorrow morning, and more after that. All the field gear and video camera are loaded and ready to go.