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Michael Campana visits LRRD.

Michael Campana, Director of the Institute for Water and Watersheds at Oregon State University, was in Carbondale today to speak as part of the SIUC Center for Ecology’s seminar series, and stopped by LRRD to see our models.

He introduced us to “Hydrophilanthropy” in his talk today, and has formed a nonprofit foundation dedicated to providing healthy water in developing countries.

I’ve followed his blog WaterWired for a while. It’s very fresh, and today’s post on his arrival in the Midwest ended with this quote from Cheap Trick’s Robin Zander: “We’re from Rockford, Illinois, but we’ve always thought international.” I’d enjoyed the blog, and by its hip tone assumed a young author, and so was a little surprised to see a man who is, let’s say, well past his thirties, walk into our lab this afternoon!

Michael had some great ideas for our river models and work, and we’re grateful for his visit.

Here you see Michael with Cara and Mae Davenport, a friend and Assistant Prof. in the SIUC Department of Forestry.