Emriver accessories

Accessory kits and items are designed to help achieve educational, outreach, and research goals. They are available with the purchase of an Emriver model.

K500 Digital Flow Controller

The K500 Digital Flow Controller works with the Em2, Em3, and Em4 geomodels. It replaces the Alix controller. With its unique software and digital display, the K500:

  • Provides precise measurement of flow rates from 25 ml/sec to 210 ml/sec
  • Meters and displays current flow rate in milliliters/second
  • Shows accumulated run time and flow in liters
  • Automatically runs hydrographs

K500 Instructions for Em2
K500 Instructions for Em3

Academic Kit

Academic Kit

The Emriver Academic Kit can be used to conduct experiments such as surveying topography, including long profiles and channel cross-sections. The kit includes:

  • Emriver Crossbeam with Level Rod, to be used with a laser level; laser level not included
    (see the Emriver manual for instructions on use)
  • 2,000 ml graduated beaker
  • 250 ml graduated cylinder
  • 1,000 ml graduated cylinder
  • Stopwatch
  • Coarse-mesh hand sieve
  • Perforated scoop (with ¼-inch holes)
  • Hand-size scoop (not perforated)

Structures Kit

structures kit 2018

The Structures Kit allows users to explore the relationship between human-made structures and rivers. Includes:

  • 2 Box culverts
  • 1 Walled culvert
  • 1 Double walled culvert
  • 4 Model houses

Click here for information on how to use the Structures Kit.

Battery Adapter


Use the Em2 and Em3 models anywhere. Includes:

Battery adapter for a 12 V deep-cycle battery, instructions for use, and a 6-ft extension cord. Battery is not included. Read about battery recommendations on our blog.

DVD with Teaching Guide


The entire series is now available on our YouTube Channel. A description is included with each video. Or download the YouTube teaching guide.

A DVD is included with every Emriver model purchase and is also available separately for purchase for US$15.00.

Features more than 50 high-quality teaching clips demonstrating river processes using maps, aerial photo sequences, underwater video, and Emriver model demonstrations. Includes a teaching guide. The DVD was produced with funding from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the Missouri Department of Conservation with support from U.S. EPA 319 funding.

Download the DVD teaching guide, which is a complement to the DVD.  It includes a detailed description of DVD content.

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Em2 Retrofit Kit

The older valve assembly (left) is replaced by the newer electronic flow controller (right).

The older energy dissipater and notch gage (left) is replaced with the newer energy dissipater unit and flow outlet (right).

A lighter, electronic controller powered by a smaller power supply replaces the valve system to control flow. It’s more compact and uses much less electrical current; it can still be powered by a 12 V battery and for longer periods of time. Setup and breakdown is faster and simpler. The updated Energy Dissipater system uses smaller parts for ease of setup, travel and storage.

The new system does not come standard with flow measurement, but the old Energy Dissipater Unit and Notch Gage can still be used with the other updated components for research and detailed demonstrations requiring precise measurements.


  • 500 gph (1,892 lph) 12 V, 2-amp submersible pump, with intake filter
  • ¾-inch diameter tubing
  • Energy Dissipater Unit and flow outlet
  • Electronic flow controller
  • 12 V power supply with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, input standard 115 V 60 hZ
  • Emriver battery adapter, compatible with deep-cycle, 12 V battery

Download the setup and use instructions for the Em2 Retrofit Kit.