Emriver Em2 Stream Table

The Emriver Em2 stream table is perfect for demonstrating river science and conservation principles to audiences of all ages and educational backgrounds. This model is optimized for ease of setup, use and portability.


Em2 specifications
Dimensions 1.9 m x 0.8 m (6.2 ft x 2.6 ft)
Portability Very portable.
Can be powered with a deep-cycle 12V battery. Can be stored in one square meter of floor space
Water 102 L (27 gal)
Media Amount 68 kg (150 lb)
Media Type Non color-coded
(can upgrade to color-coded)
Base Options Static
System Also Includes Reservoir, pump, power supply, flow controller. Modeling accessories: Measuring tape, quartz and plastic stones and rocks, acrylic shapes to simulate culverts, plastic vegetation, dye injection bottles for visualizing flow, scoops, and scrapers. User and laboratory manual, river geomorphology DVD.

Download detailed specifications with photos.


See the Applications for Science and Teaching pages for examples of how to use the Em2 for earth science, environmental scicence, geology, and more. Our model users include universities, K-12 schools, museums, and enviromental educators.

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