Emriver Em3
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A modular and portable system perfect for research and teaching of river dynamic principles.

Em3 specifications

Box 3 m x 1 m (9.8 ft x 3.2 ft);

Model footprint 3.25 m x 1.02 m  (128 in x 40 in)

Portability Moderately portable
Can be powered with a deep-cycle 12V battery.
Water 151 L (40 gal)
Media Amount 108 kg (240 lb)
Media Type Non color-coded
(can upgrade to color-coded)
Base Options Static, single, and dual-tilt
System Also Includes Reservoirs, pump, power supply, flow controller. Modeling accessories: Measuring tape, quartz and plastic stones and rocks, acrylic shapes to simulate culverts, plastic vegetation, dye injection bottles for visualizing flow, scoops, and scrapers. User and laboratory manual, river geomorphology DVD.
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Download detailed specifications with photos.

UPGRADES - Modular options that can be added at any time.

See the Applications for Science and Teaching pages for examples of how to use the Em3.


We have used the Emriver Em3 fluvial geomodel to demonstrate a variety of processes and resulting morphologies to undergraduate students. We’ve demonstrated different channel types, channel migration, point bar development and cut banks, meander cut-offs, erosional terracing, knickpoint migration, channel incision, delta development, the effects of base level on the depocenter, and delta-lobe switching. Overall, this geomodel has been a very useful educational tool to provide a visual example for some basic concepts of fluvial and deltaic geomorphology.

Ioannis Georgiou

Associate Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences, The University of New Orleans

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