A turnkey, portable, desktop flume for teaching and studying fluid mechanics, river habitat hydraulics, and sediment transport.


Emflume1 specifications
Dimensions 55.8 cm x 9.4 cm x 15.2 cm (working section)
(22 in x 3.7 in x 6 in)
Portability Small and portable, fits on a desktop, 65 lb (29 kg) dry weight.
Water 23 L (6 gal)
Media Amount 6.8 kg (15 lb)
Media Type Color-coded
Other Features Efficient and quiet ducted-propeller.
System Also Includes Electronic flow controller for variable flow rates. Tilt system allows +/- 2.5 degrees of vertical tilt. Closed-cell foam hydraulic shapes, pitot tube. User and laboratory manual.

See the Applications for Science and Teaching pages for examples of how to use the Emflume1.

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