riparian rap

Money, it’s a crime.

Yesterday had the great pleasure of visiting my old boss Bill Turner in his new office as Chief of Fisheries Division for the Missouri Department of Conservation. I was in Jefferson City interviewing with MDC for river design contracts. Bill was one of three great mentors I had, and I owe the start of my river conservation career to him.

His conference table was covered with spreadsheet printouts. He was busy cutting budgets.

We’re finding that grants people have used to buy our Emriver models are going dry. Some of this is Bush administration de-funding of EPA and other environmental programs and education, but now we have tax revenues and charitable giving going down. Not good.

We’re still in growth mode, and, needing to do some analysis and planning, I got my courage together and looked at our investments. Good grief, it’s bad. Like the Dow, our mutual funds are at about half what they were a year ago. My brilliant wife reminds me that the money we took out for LRRD last year is much more likely to gain value that what we left in!

This entrepreneur stuff is not for the faint of heart.