riparian rap

A month’s worth of good news.

Time for blog dump, I’ve neglected this place.
Because we’ve been overwhelmed with good things!

Here you go:

Lily spent last week in the Pacific Northwest at RRNW, attending talks and overseeing an Em2 model there.

Jean-René Thélusmond, a Fulbright Scholar from Haiti, has joined us; we’re supporting his graduate work at SIUC; he’ll be doing research in our lab with the Em4 model.   Here he talks with Lily at the Em4.

And Meriam, Lily, and Christina celebrate our first Em2 shipment to the UK yesterday.

This week we ship an Em4 to the University of Quebec. Meriam’s French has been handy!

Engineering students at SIUC are closing in on a method to track particle flux in our models using both magnetic and optical properties.

We (mostly Meriam) solved incredibly complex international shipping problems.

Thanks to all who’ve supported us. We’re finally climbing out of the economic slump, and looking forward to good times.