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Nathan and Christina Complete the Little River Team

Nathan teaching students at Carbondale
New School with the Emriver Em2.

Editor’s note:  This is the first of what I hope are many posts written by our new Creative Director, Alee Quick.

A couple of students who’ve worked part time for LRRD transitioned to full time this summer, and we’re very happy about that!

Nathan Speagle joined us in December of 2010 as Prototyper. He is a forestry student at SIUC with only one semester to go before graduation, most likely with numerous honors. He has become part of our teaching team and, as he seems to do with everything, excelled at working with young students at local environmental camps. Nathan came to us with great skills in electronics, and builds our Em2 flow controllers and also parts for our 4-meter Em4 models.

Christina in the LRRD office, with a
rubber chicken.

Christina Bovinette has been with us as a part-time Research Assistant for almost a year. She has also joined our teaching team, and spent part of the summer traveling around to schools and day camps teaching kids with the Em2. She went to her first conference with Little River in June — she drove with Lily to South Carolina for the National River Rally, where she did some networking and outreach with the models. She also recently made her first Em2 sale, solidifying her role as part of our sales sector.

And of course we love having them around every day. Aside from being talented and hardworking, they’re fun and friendly.