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The new Em2 is in the house!

Today Lily returned from St. Louis with a set of supports for the new Emriver Em2.  Aside from a few minor details, after thousands of hours of work this new design is done.

Clearly Lily’s very excited about this, and so am I!

The “horses” as we call them are beautiful; made from bent 1/8″ aluminum, they weigh only 8 pounds (3.6 kg) each.   The parts are laser-cut, complete with an aluminum-friendly “emriver” logo design by Lily.

Though the model is only slightly smaller than the old Em2, we’ve shaved about 35 pounds off the weight of the box and supports, and the model will use 30 pounds less plastic media.

And the whole thing will be UPS-shippable, which lowers cost and hassle, makes shipping overseas much easier, and enables us and other researchers/teachers to easily ship the model to conferences and workshops.

The old Em2 was based on 20 years of experience and had a very good design.  We’ve now added several months of intense R&D work.  It’s so cool to see this realized in laser-cut aluminum.  We hope to start shipping these to buyers with outstanding orders in the next two weeks.  Thanks for your patience, it’ll be worth it!

Lily and Meriam (who helped me in the lab yesterday with calibration of the electronic controller) are sporting the our new T-shirt –we got a batch on Friday.

Katt Muskuna, an out of town friend of Lily’s is observing her surfing in the top photo.