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New faces at LRRD.

Exciting times at LRRD!   University budgets are in better shape.  We have a lot of orders, are starting to export, and are expanding after two years in this tough economy.

We have a couple of new colleagues this week: Jordan Gibson (left), and (next) Nathan Speagle.

Jordan grew up in the Florida Panhandle and got interested in geology while watching his Dad drill water wells.  He has a BS in Geology from the University of South Florida and great skills in writing and analysis.  We’re looking forward to curriculum development work from Jordan.

Nathan Speagle is a distinguished undergrad in SIU-Carbondale’s forestry program who’ll be working part time.  He came to our attention by doing a lot of volunteer work for a local land trust.  Aside from his near-perfect GPA, Nathan has experience in construction, welding, and electronics.

Next around are Christina Bovinette, Lily, me, Meriam’s son Adam who visited today, and Meriam.

I’m lucky to know all of them; we’re going to have a great year in 2011.