riparian rap

Nice use of fluid mechanics in art.

irregular flow from 4khz on Vimeo.

A nice short music video using fluid mechanics. Can you tell what’s going on?

In general I find that when artists use phenomenon like this, the results are not impressive–they tend to be gimmicky and often, particularly with fountains and such, clearly don’t work the way the artist intended because the design isn’t right. The artists doesn’t understand the physics, and fluid behavior is pretty unforgiving, whether in an art piece or bank protection scheme.

Some of the laminar flow fountains I’ve seen are amazing, and I love the one in Detroit’s airport. Can’t seem to find the company who made it now, though I talked with a few of their technicians when I was lucky enough to catch them working on it as I flew through last year.

And finally this: One of the great things about blogging. While searching the web for a fountain design I remembered; I ran across this very interesting and well-thought-out design to control a fountain. Something we can definitely use at LRRD!