riparian rap

Normal noises at LRRD.

We’ve been crazy busy at LRRD for the last few months.  I used what little blogging time I had to cover the lower Mississippi floods, and haven’t reported the cool things we’ve been up to.  Here are a few photos.

We’ve done a lot of pro bono outreach in local schools lately.  Lily in particular has generously donated her own time for a lot of this.

We’ll soon be reporting on fantastic results we’ve had working with the Em4 and its color-coded media using close range photogrammetry.

And thanks to Anne Jefferson and Ron Schott for stopping by last month!  Soon Callan Bentley will be here.

Part of a redesigned standpipe system for our Em4 and in-progress Em3 models.
Setup for Em4 runs with close range photography and sediment transport sampling.
Meriam teaches with our Em2 at Giant City School near Carbondale.
Start of a May Em4 run using close range photogrammetry.


Meriam, Christina, and Lily as the latter two leave for  the National River Rally conference in North Carolina.


School kids dive in at an outreach event.  I love how hands dart into the Em2!