riparian rap

October bonfire.

Karen Renzaglia hosted another great harvest party with a visible-from-outer-space bonfire (last year’s). Here she is. Kate and I designed and launched a nice little fire raft onto the pond. We all had fun paddling out in the dark to replenish it.
The West African band Siwade, another awesome Carbondale/SIUC-based group, played for a couple of hours at the bonfire.

Our weather has been beautiful–very dry with beautiful skies. Here’s a picture of our mutts enjoying it.

The fire raft was popular, here’s the easy recipe. ~10″ white pine logs for the pontoons, deck-screwed to an old pallet covered with a scrap of barn tin. Anchor it with some rope and half a cinder block so it doesn’t blow into the bank and set the woods on fire.