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Our big NSF proposal, blog neglect.

One more day and we’ll have our massive NSF proposal submitted to the Course Curriculum and Lab Improvement (CCLI) progam.  The time we have six PIs at SIUC, me and LRRD, and no less than nine “node” institutions participating.  Cara and I coordinated most of that, and did most of the rewrite this time (you can tell because my name’s the largest).  I couldn’t be more happy with this submission, it’s awesome, and I think this will be the year.  It’s a hell of a try, regardless.  More later.

And also this week we’re submitting to Missouri’s USEPA 319 program with a somewhat similar project.  We’re proposing to site ~24 Em2 models around the state at schools, NGO’s and Department of Conservation offices.  Models at the MDC offices will be loaners. And we’ll develop video suppliments and G5-12 curricula for them.  This would dovetail beautifully with the NSF work, which focuse on undergraduate curriculum for movable-bed models (MBMs).

And of course all of this is why you haven’t seem much of me here lately.