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Our Em3 goes dual-axis.

We can’t build our new Emriver Em3 models fast enough to meet demand.  The Em3’s big enough for research, and eighteen students can put hands in at once.  But it remains portable like the Em2; its box weighs only 95 pounds ( 43 kg).

We designed the Em3 based on our two decades of experience and interaction with thousands of teachers and scientists, including users of over 100 of our models worldwide.

This (a bit silly) video shows us celebrating the final design of a dual-tilt mechanism for the Em3.  If you’ve seen it, you know how powerful it is — we’ll ship these to universities and museums worldwide.

Like everything we build, it’s elegant, easy to use, and made to last forever.  If you’re going to GSA this November, you’ll see it live.

Thanks to Chris Krumm of TropoStudio and Warren Sauer of L.E. Sauer Machine in St. Louis for help.  These guys are too cool to have websites, so no links.

And of course, thanks to the amazing peeps at LRRD.