riparian rap

Our first Em2(x) model ships!

After many months of research and design we shipped our first redesigned Emriver Em2 (which we call the Em2x at the lab).

We’re in full production mode, all the kinks are out and we’re building models.  And have a lot of orders to fill (thanks!)

We’re prepping for GSA-Denver in the middle of this, and driving a truck out with one of our big Em4s.   We’re all overworked, so it’s hard to fully appreciate this milestone.

But seeing ideas that delight and educate people come to fruition like this is a wonderful thing.

Here you see me with Visna, world’s coolest UPS guy, with the Em2’s new box, just millimeters under the UPS size limits.

And Meriam expertly adding the handles to a reservoir (aha, a French word!).  And Lily working to finish a close range photogrammetry movie we’ll show at GSA.

Then me testing a flow controller and later very tired, waiting for Visna.

We’ll be shipping more units as soon as we get back from GSA,  If you’re waiting for one, thanks for your patience, I promise it’ll be worth it.