riparian rap

Our frustrating and fun work at LRRD.

Two Emriver models arrived via Fedex frieght 48 hours after shipping, clients surprised. Good work, LRRD.

We worked on a device codenamed “Geo-bong,” and added a couple of destroyed pumps to the pump graveyard.

More Emriver design modification, shown here. More work on the Em4, and man, am I sick of AutoCad.

We’ve reworked the Emriver support design a dozen times, improving it a bit each time, explaining why to a fabricator. For cost, safety, easy production, weight, appearance, reliability.

Jesse’s spent a lot of time with fabricators on the Em4 and finding sources of stainless steel pipe and plate, which, like gasoline, is very expensive now.

And plastic media. Coloring by size. A real pain. And it kills pumps if you’re not informed on filtration. Which we are, but I’m starting to think Jesse likes that pitiful sandy sound the mag drive pumps make when they are dying.