riparian rap

Our GOP serves the rich, not small businesses.

In just the last week, we’ve lost over $9,000 in sales because of the sequester threat.

Our GOP has become a party of the rich only.  Dealing in manufactured disasters designed to make sure the richest of the rich get more so.

Nobel laureate Paul Krugman explains it well.

Here you see six of eight of us at a meeting yesterday.  I’m taking the picture.

To the far right is Bill Bauman, retired Air Force officer and professor at the Air Force Academy for years.   A consultant we’re lucky to have.

Next to Bill, Meriam, our Business Director, is a widowed single mother of two.  LRRD provides health insurance for her family and allows her to work flexible hours.  Some people might file that under “family values.”   Though she works two jobs, she’s not rich, so the GOP isn’t worried much about her.

Christina, Lily, John Michael, Alee, Nathan, and Jim are 20 and 30-somethings.  They all have exciting, challenging jobs.  They have decent pay and health insurance if they need it.

They build, sell, ship, and support our models all over the world, bringing hundreds of thousands of dollars into economically-depressed Southern Illinois every year.

For five years, LRRD dug out of an economic disaster created by the GOP under Bush.  The same GOP that stood silent as he tripled the national debt.

We are a very rich country, but that wealth is, more and more, spread unevenly, and spent to seat politicians in Washington who’ll keep it that way.

Any more than the insane policies of climate denial, their economic policies aren’t sustainable, and we can hope the American electorate, who saw through it in the Romney-Obama battle, will fix this in the House soon.

UPDATE March 3:  Krugman notes falacies of “both sides do it” and GOP transiency. 


And a few cuts that take place March 1, from the Pew Foundation.

•    The National Institutes of Health get cut by $1.6 billion.
•    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are cut by about $323 million.
•    Head Start gets cut by $406 million, kicking 70,000 kids out of the program.
•    FEMA’s disaster relief budget is cut by $375 million.
•    Public housing support is cut by about $1.94 billion.
•    The FDA is cut by $206 million.
•    NASA gets cut by $970 million.
•    Special education is cut by $840 million.
•    The Energy Department’s program for securing our nukes is cut by $650 million.
•    The National Science Foundation gets cut by about $388 million.
•    The SEC is cut by $75.6 million.