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Our Lily in the UK, at the Towards a Living North Sea conference

Our Lily exhibits an Emriver at the Towards a Living North
Sea conference in Gateshead, UK.  Photo by Dr. Herman Wanningen.

Little River Research & Design is truly becoming an international force for river conservation.  We have sold eight models outside the US in six different countries.  We’re getting inquiries from more countries all the time.

And the day after the GSA annual meeting ended two weeks ago, our Lily flew to Gateshead, United Kingdom, for the Towards a Living North Sea conference.

Academics, professionals and stakeholders gathered at the conference to discuss solutions to fish passages that have been restricted by river engineering and construction in England and other countries that surround the North Sea.

Emriver owners at the Rivers Trust, a UK-based watershed conservation group that helped organize the conference, invited Lily to attend the conference and exhibit their Em2.

At the conference, Lily met the members of the Rivers Trust who use the Em2.  River Watch Manager Dr. Ceri Gibson at the Tyne chapter of the Rivers Trust said so far, it has been a great conversation starter.

A stream conservation project in the Tyne Catchment restricted access to part of a public park.  The Tyne Rivers Trust used their Emriver to explain why.  You’ll see in the photo here that they set their Em2 up right next to the real-life stream they were talking about.


Members of the Tyne Rivers Trust set up their Em2 next to a stream in a public park to explain a restoration project there.  Photo by Dr. Ceri Gibson.