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Time lapse LRRD at GSA fun!

Our trip to GSA this year was incredible. We spent months planning and many hours in final preparation. Everybody at LRRD — Nathan, Meriam, Alee, Christina, Lily, and I — played an important role.

And my wife Kate took vacation time to join us, something we all appreciate! We were very excited to debut our new Em3 model, a three-meter model that will fill the gap between the Em2 and Em4.

We were dissapointed Nathan couldn’t make it to Minneapolis; he’s in his final semester of classes, and we want to make sure he maintains his near-perfect GPA.

I’m deeply thankful for such awesome colleagues, thanks to everybody.

We saw many new and old clients, and really enjoyed meeting colleagues from all over the world. I tried to get that flavor into this video, I hope it works!