riparian rap

A page out of the bible, law, worms, and a BMW.

I’m convinced that river management and restoration challenges caused by climate change are going to dominate our profession.

Or drastically change public interest and investment in rivers when we have a midwestern Katrina-like disaster and vast parts of St. Louis City and County go underwater .

I was pleasantly surprised to see the Southern Baptist Convention (I was raised in this church) express not only acceptance, but concern about, climate change this week. The “page out of a bible” quote is in the linked article–there’s a lot of reporting on it today.

Good for them.

Now that the SBC has joined the ranks of us “environmental wackos,” it seems the United States might be ready do something about, or at least plan for, climate change.

Jesse’s Dad Tom (red jacket) managed to win this beautiful early 1980’s BMW as a door prize last week, and brought it by LRRD. Jesse has a vintage BMW bike of his own, and used to work for BMW. Maybe he can put a link or two in the comments below.

Mike Miles, a local lawyer and friend, gave all of us an extended lesson on product liability and the law. This is vitally important for us, and his wisdom helped us immensely, and put my mind at ease. I can’t say more because anything I say could be used against me. Thanks very much Mike.

And as I was trying do do some actual LRRD income-generating work, 514 East Main’s roof trusses shook with glee (I thought maybe somebody proposed or something, I was on the phone) as a box of red wiggler worms arrived via Fedex to be put in a compost bin and eat our food waste.

Though these worms will produce zero billable hours, I expect to soon see a line item for red wiggler liability insurance and worm workman’s comp. And the asexual reproduction harassment exposure is scary.