riparian rap

Proposal done, time for some fluvial whiskeyology.

It’s hard to describe how much work this proposal has been. Somewhere around 270 hours of LRRD time. Night and day, day after day, since early December. And yesterday and today Matt Whiles and Harvey Henson (shown here with Cara and Dayna in back) were our heroes, pulling a heavy load. But we’re done, it’s submitted. Toby the Lucky Rubber Chicken pecked the button, and here’s Cara’s V sign.

The grant opportunity is exciting, but the nicest thing about all of this was how we worked well together and got along under intense stress. Today, especially, we all just cranked. We passed a grueling test and did it with a rubber chicken. I’m tired as hell but very happy about that.

And now I am going to do a geomorphological reconnaissance of this river. I have a whole day, maybe two, off.