riparian rap

Prototyping. Reading a vernier scale. Video.

We’re working on a larger version of the Emriver, and I can’t say much more about that now except that it involves things like studying gear drives and whether or not you can seal an aluminum box with rivets v. welding. Here’s a severely censored photo of a model.

I’ll send a beautiful LRRD hat to the first person who emails the correct reading on the vernier below.

Dayna continues to maintain the business end–insurance, the endless job of getting our internet service straightened out, insurance, taxes, accounting, banking and on and on. And Cara’s worked on grants, Emriver inquiries and marketing, and of course many other things.

I’ve updated the website, and we’re finalizing the DVD project–nearly 60 clips of geomorphic process and other things–underwater shots of fish, of our Emriver model, gravel mining in the Ozarks. See the teaching guide here.